David LaPlantz: Selected Works

Here you can browse selected works of David LaPlantz. To learn more about these works, please contact LaPlantz Studios. Click on these images to enlarge.

Mikado mic

Mikado Microphone

NVB Mic_2

NVB Microphone

9_11, B&C Knew What & When_ Mic

9-11 Crystal Ball Microphone

Mikado Microphone — My visual interpretation on G. & S. Mikado music and lyrics updated for the 2000’s. NVB Microphone — A special tribute for NVB, who found her voice about “bone daddy.” 9-11 Crystal Ball Microphone — Visually asks B&C, before the “event,” what did you know and when did you know it?

Foot in Mouth Mic_2

Foot in Mouth Microphone

4 for S. Sale

Suite of Piano Brooches

Deb-Rabbit and Magician's Hat

The Magic Hat and Cat Brooch

Foot in Mouth Microphone — We’ve all done it, we all do it, now there’s a microphone specifically for it! Suite of Piano Brooches — A visual, wearable interpretation of piano keys for the discerning ivory maestro. The Magic Hat and Cat Brooch — Mix the two together and the world is your catnip!

Key's Hearts_Puppet's Strings

Key's Hearts/Puppet's Strings

Love and Fans#2

Hearts, Love and Fans

Kimono Panel

Kimono Wall Panel

Key’s Hearts/Puppet’s Strings — The lock and key to love almost always comes with some Puppet’s strings? Hearts, Love and Fans — The heart heats up with love, while the fans fuels the flames. Kimono Wall Panel — Japanese kimonos fascinate and inspire me with their artistic flair, subtle and not-so-subtle imagery. The center, round brooch is removable/wearable.

Waves Kimono #1

Waves Kimono #1

Waves Kimono #2

Waves Kimono #2

Waves Kimono #3

Waves Kimono #3

Magic Carpet Waves Kimono Wall Panel — The moon controls our magic carpet and ocean waves roll us towards our destiny.