Reprint/Shereen’s Innovative Bookbinding, Secret Compartments & Hidden Messages/Reprint

I have begun the process involved in reprinting Shereen’s Innovative Bookbinding, Secret Compartments & Hidden Messages!
After many requests from Book Arts World and lovers of the artists’ books, it is obvious that the time is right to bring Shereen’s book out of retirement.
The exciting process of generating a very clean copy of Shereen’s book is happening, but exact details will be forthcoming, when I know more about the when, where, what and of course the price and ordering details. The form of the re-print will not be hand bound, but all of the original writing and instructions will remain the same. As for the special, secret compartments & hidden messages areas we’ll have to see how that is translated in the final re-print.
You won’t be disappointed by the recreation of Shereen LaPlantz’s Innovative Bookbinding.
My goal is to reproduce Innovative Bookbinding, Secret Compartments & Hidden Messages as close to the original as possible. I am holding in my heart the way I know Shereen would wish her most prized book to look and feel.
Out of respect for Shereen and her Bookbinding legacy, this re-print will emerge to satisfy the educational needs while extending Shereen’s vision and incredible writing/bookbinding methods for future generations!
Are you interested in purchasing a copy?
If you are an interested potential buyer, please email me at: David LaPlantz <>. Please put Inno2 in the email subject box. 
Your emails will provide an idea of how many copies to initially print, sort of like a pre-pub sale without money changing hands. Obviously, such numbers would be extremely helpful to me!